Who is going to be helping me with my auto loan financing?
We work with many dealerships nationwide, who specialize in working with lending institutions that have the guidelines to help people with many different types of credit situations.
What type of interest rate can I expect?
All of our lending partners offer a wide range of rates starting at 3.89% for our qualifying prime customers. By evaluating your credit history, work history, and income, the lender will determine the best possible rate for your particular situation.
Will you tell me where I have to purchase my vehicle?
Our loan specialists will be happy to refer you to a Dealership in your area; however, you may purchase a vehicle from any franchised dealership in your state.
Are there limitations as to the type of car I can purchase?
Our lending partners do have certain guidelines as to the year, make, and mileage of the vehicle. Your loan specialist will go over all of these with you when they contact you.
I have had some credit problems in the past. Can I still apply?
With over 50 years of automotive industry experience, we at Bad Credit Auto Loans are aware that re-establishing car credit can be very frustrating to a consumer. Our lending partners have programs especially designed to help customers that have had credit problems in the past.
My credit is good but very limited. Can you help me?
It has been said that purchasing a car is sometimes more difficult than purchasing your first home. Again, our lenders look at the whole customer profile so that they can help that first time car buyer.
I am currently leasing my vehicle and would like to purchase it at the end of my lease. Can you help me do this?
A lease buy-out is actually considered a refinance loan. We are partnered with lenders who do these types of loans. When you are ready to fill out your application, just check the prompt for a refinance loan.
I would like to add my spouse to the title of my car. How can I do this?
By applying for a refinance loan, you are able to add qualifying spouses to your new loan. This in turn allows your new lender to add the spouse to the title.
My ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is on my current loan. Can I refinance in my name only?
As long as you qualify for the refinance loan in your name only, the other party can be removed. Just let your loan specialist know this, so they can send the appropriate documents to be signed, in your loan package.
What type of refinance rate can I expect?
Our lending partners offer very competitive refinance rates. Along with evaluating the customer profile, the year, make, and mileage of the vehicle is taken under consideration.
How long will this process take?
Usually, the approval process takes less than an hour; however, it can take up to 24 business hours for a decision. Once your loan has been approved and you’ve talked to a loan specialist, a loan package is sent, over-night, to you. With the check in hand you are ready to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience!

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